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Work and Travel USA

น้องต๊ะ ณภัทร(มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีพระจอมเกล้าพระนครเหนือ)
Steak ‘n Shake, Branson, MO
Summer Work and Travel in 2017

Work and travel USA, once in your lifetime

USA is still a first choice for plenty of explorers from all around the world to visit once in a lifetime. Work and travel in USA is thus a great choice that teenagers like us shouldn’t have missed. It offers us chances to work in different kinds of job, letting us have work experience and also traveling in other parts of USA we wish to

Let me share all of you 2 parts that I really impressed from American Learning Work and Travel program, giving me such a great opportunity to explore what I really want to see over here

First part is about what I’ve worked. I was a night shift server at Steak’n Shake which is located at Branson, Missouri. I met many co-workers who also joined Work and Travel program from Turkey and Russia. What I’ve learnt from them is about different in culture and languages. They were really nice to me. We used to help each other when there were problems in the restaurant. After we’ve known each other, we could form a great teamwork.

In my opinion, serving is a kind of exciting job, you don’t know what kinds of people you see during the day. Anyway you do have to find ways to communicate with them wisely, letting them appreciate the how great hospitality you have.

Second part is about traveling. I planned at the beginning that I would visit 3 great cities in California. Those are San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We had a meeting with other Thai friends in San Francisco and we decided to rent a car driving to Yosemite and lake Tahoe. It was 6 hours drive. There was really great view along the way that you would never see in Thailand.

Experiencing USA is a good choice to do once in your life. I would like to invite everyone to join American Learning program, you will never regret you do. Thank you again for giving me a great chance to discover myself and the rest of the world.

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