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Work and Travel USA
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น้องส้ม วรรณนิภา(มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์)
McDonald’s, Myrtle Beach Area, SC
Summer Work and Travel in 2016

น้องส้ม วรรณนิภา (McDonald’s Myrtle Beach, SC) I think the teenager’s dream is once having life in foreign country. Many students have opportunity to be an exchange student since they were in high school but i do not. However my friends gave me an information about work and travel program since I was in high school, it was very interesting program for me but at that time I was not graduate from high school so, I cannot participate to the program. Finally when I was studying in sophomore year I decided to participate with Work and Travel program at McDonald’s Myrtle beach, South Carolina with American Learning.

Before I came to the USA, I have dreamed life in USA would be great. But when I flew from Thailand to the USA took time about 20 hours, and this made me so tired. Moreover I need to wait for 6 hours to transit from New York city to Myrtle beach and the flight delayed about 3 hours, it been a long journey for me. When I arrived at Myrtle beach, manager picked me up to the house, there are so many people from different countries stay together in one house, but we need to share bathrooms and kitchens. I have never stay in dormitory before so it quit hard for me to adjust myself for living with many people, I feel so bad at that time. And then I started training at the store, my position is cooking it is very hot in front of the stove and I need to stand for 8 hours, it is very hard for me because i have never worked hard like this before. The 5 training day made me like I’m going to die. I need to adjust myself with everything both of living with many people and working hard. At that time I think why my life in the USA be like this. Now, I can adjust myself with new things.

At the store I work i have no friend who came from American learning. I am the only Thai girl at the store. I do not know anyone, i felt my life was very hard, I really want to cry. But next two weeks letter the guys from Chuch program came to work at my store. They are American, they help me many things, they are very nice guys  they also took me church, I was really appreciate. I have never been to church before this is really good experience for me. Now they came back to their hometown but our friendship still remain. I got new friends from many countries we exchange culture and opinion with each others, sometimes they teach me how to speak their language and i also teach them our language.  I also have Thai friends from another agency but we work together at the same store. It is really good to have Thai friends. It was very fun when we work together, we always help each other when we have any problems. The people at my store are really nice, I will never forget the time when i work with them and i think i will miss them so much when i leave here.

In conclusion, when I living in the USA that give me many new experiences. American learning’s agency is very good agency compare to other agencies because my friends from another agency got so many problems while living in the U.S. while my life in the U.S easier than them, I think i chose the right agency. Work and travel not only give me good experience which i will never forget but also give me good friendship from the people i met here.

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