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Work and Travel USA

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DNC Cleveland Sportservice, OH
Summer Work and Travel in 2017

Work and Travel USA, Once in your Lifetime

   I am having tears in my eyes since I have missed the US so much while I am writing this essay because It is definitely once in my lifetime experience. I was not born with a spoon in my mouth so having that amount of money to go over the continent and stay there for the summer is impossible for me. I used to look up to the sky when I was a little kid watched the airplane passed by and think “Will I be able to afford an airplane ticket and sit in there travelling to places one day”  Who would have know that my daydream comes true before my graduation ceremony American Learning co,ltd made it a lot easier than I thought. The organization provided me a work place which is located the Downtown Cleveland. I got to work at The Progressive Field , where is the home for the legendary baseball team Cleveland Indians ; Go Tribe ! The working period  was one of my lifetime experience because this is the last chance of me having a J1 student exchange visa because I go straight to the USA after I have done with my last final senior examination. Since I came here with a cultural exchange visa , I feel like everyone treat me extra than the others because I know their culture and  I am a fun person so I can keep conversation going. Since , my colleagues and I get along  well, we dance and sing joyfully at  work. All these moments weather good or bad  will be forever in my heart because I face it with myself not in my fantasy daydreaming . Since, I was called a teen queen Hollywood  wanna be at my teen age because I love to appreciate and share how much I appreciate the American culture. People know I am a good Hollywood representative not because I am an American – wannabe but because I always know what and  where I belong to. When I got to the US and the feeling about  me and American culture connection ever got stronger.  When I  hear “The Star Spangled Banner” for the first time sung live in the ballpark stadium , I got  goosebumps  and had tears in my eyes and I know that I was born to be in here. I was right for the whole time. The picture of me crying for the US national anthem during the NFL final via Youtube have played in my mind like “This is real Pun ! It is not in the screen anymore”.  Another Once in my lifetime moment, begin  with someone that I have always idolized him sent me off from the airport  which is I have pictured me and him at the airport since I was 12 year old and It took ten years to come true and since we both still not graduated so this happened once in my life. There are so many beautiful moments going on while I was in the US but the best things that ever happen in my life is that I finally feel free to be and to express how I think or how I feel about myself. I never get the good compliment about myself that much when I was in Thailand. Those compliments really cherish the feeling in side of me that I am beautiful in my own way and I should be proud of myself and my skin. If I want to know how it feels you should not be sitting there doubting about yourself. Apply now and it will be your best summer ever !

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