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Work and Travel USA

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Grizzly Creek Restaurant, Keystone, SD
Summer Work and Travel in 2017 

Work and Travel program was the first opportunity in my life to travel abroad and it started off with traveling in one of the greatest country in the world, the USA. As everyone knows, there are 50 states in the US, and in each state, there also are various kinds of jobs for choosing. It was a pretty hard decision, however I got what I wanted to do in my mind. Any jobs in the kitchen were fine for me. Eventually I got a job what I expected. It was a kitchen assistance in Keystone, SD. The name of the restaurant was Grizzly Creek. This was where everything started.

23rd May was the day I was heading to the USA. I hope it was gonna be awesome to first-time travel by an airplane, but in fact it was terrible. I was tortured. I had to sit on my own seat for hours. If there were some reasons why I would not get back there again, this was gonna be the first reason.

When I arrived, I could not remember the time, but it was a cold night. I could say it was freezing for me. It was 9 Celsius degree, and what I wore were just a t-shirt and sweat pants. Anyway, I would not let myself get frozen. I went to took my luggages, and look for my employer. It was like movies. There was a person holding a piece of paper that my name was written on it. I was so excited for no reason. The morning next day, the weather was awesome, and there was not much people because where I lived was surrounded by woods. If you don’t like crowded city, SD is a good choice.

25th May was the day I started working. Actually it was the day I just stood in the kitchen, and sometimes I got in someone’s way. It made them could not finish their job. I felt useless.  It was a hard time at the first moment. I had to remember ingredients, menus, where it was stocked and how to make it, however it took only 3 days. This was because my new friends from the Philippines and Romania were good teachers. They were the best. They taught how to do everything not only while we were working, but also when we got home. They also taught me English sometimes. Love them <3 Moreover the chef and the managers, they were so nice. There was no pressure, so it made me feel comfortable to learn. I was not afraid to make mistakes. To sum up, everyone here was the best.

Working here was so challenge. 1st June, the real work started. After all that time was like a warm up.  In June, the kitchen was busy as hell. We got a lot of tickets, and some tickets were like 15 orders, hardly 20. It was good when we did it well. We got compliments from the chef and managers. However, compliments did not matter, the best feeling right here was when I got more hours next week. Anyway, we made mistakes sometimes, and they got mad. All you could do was shut your mouth and listen, and it was gonna be alright. They forgot about it instantly. You should not keep that in mind. Be positive so that you could work here happily.

As I said above, it was all about kind of good things. Only one important thing I did not like was there was no public transportation. Every day I went to work, and got back home. Literally every day!! Living here two months and a half. I went out three times. I tried to be positive by thinking that I could save my money. After that I realized I could go shopping online. Then my money was GG.

I think that is pretty much it about my long but short journey. Long means it was a long time, two months and a half. Short means what I did in daily life. “Woke up – went to work – went to sleep” Interesting..

Thanks for reading 😉

PS. get ready, parties every week.

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