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Work and Travel USA

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DNC Cincinnati Sportservice, OH
Summer Work and Travel in 2017

“Work and Travel USA, Once in my lifetime”

 How can I go abroad? What should I do in order to visit this country? Will it be safe to go abroad? It was always my dream to travel to the United States of America. This desire had led to those questions. I had never been abroad by myself before, so I also thought that it would be impossible for me to go abroad since my mother was very adamant with her decision not to send me. Coincidentally, I heard that most of my friends would go to the United States in 2017, so it provoked me to find more information about the work and travel program. Finally, I found the American Learning Company, they guided me and gave me support towards this program. Thanks to them I was able to persuade my mother and now my dreams were slowly becoming a reality. I joined the Work and Travel program with American Learning, and I chose to work in Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati, Ohio) as a concessions attendant.

When I arrived in the USA, I was very excited because everything in this country is completely different to my hometown. In Cincinnati, there are beautiful buildings and nice neighborhoods with parks. These parks were quite interesting they didn’t just have the standard benches and swings which I’m accustomed to, they granted beautiful views of the Ohio River, the city or historical monuments, Shopping Malls were also in close proximity in this city such as Cincinnati Premium Outlets, and Kenwood Shopping Center. Living in the United States was easier because I was able to use my debit card to pay almost ever where, even small restaurants, however, it was not accepted on trains. Apart from shopping and living in the USA, I have gained tremendous experiences working as a concessions attendant and line worker at the Great American Ball Park. Daily my duties in the concession stands would change, sometimes for example, I was assigned to be in a hot dog, FryBox, pizza, Bootleggers, Pennstation, or Ice-cream stand. Working alongside fellow Thai students in the hotdog stand we formed a great team and got rewarded with gift certificates. Working here also improved my English skills; especially my listening skill, because I had to listen to various accents from many customers each day. I also had the experience of visiting different states in the United States such as Kentucky, New York and Chicago, this was a remarkable experience not only seeing them but taking pictures at the Millennium bib and then the train experience to Indiana. I wondered about my safety in Chicago, my Jamaican friend had been telling us that it is dangerous and its new nickname is “Chiraq”. However, I was shown an act of kindness by a random stranger, named John who paid for my ride because it was the last train and they did not accept debit cards.

All questions which were in my mind before participating in Work and Travel program were answered and supported by American Learning staffs. Furthermore, I have got these new experiences because I decided to join the Work and Travel Program, and so I have got these memorable moments of being in the USA once in my lifetime.

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