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Work and Travel USA

โบนัส ภริม (มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร)
Xanterra Mt. Rushmore, Keystone, SD
Summer Work and Travel in 2017

Work and Travel USA, Once in your lifetime

    The same things may happen in your life in several times, but what situations, experiences or boundaries that you can call it as of be your once in a lifetime. Definitely not my first-time work and travel in the USA. Ok, don’t throw my writing away yet! What’s more adventure things it had been, let me tell you stories.

Once I got a position that I didn’t apply for! This year I was working with Xanterra Mt.Rushmore as a parking attendant and it was located in South Dakota. According to the beginning, I applied to work in Food and Beverage but I couldn’t get it because of too many factors I can’t be there on time in appropriately. So, Janus(Sponsor) has offered me this position that I called it “Opportunity”, but to be honest I was rejected this job in my mind since I first got. I though jobs absolutely must be boring to just sit down in the booth take people’s money, yet not much co-worker not much conversation but apparently turned the tables. The job is quit challenge for the one who doesn’t speak English as a mother language.

The national park always overwhelmingly of visitor every day, over 10,000 of cars came through. My first day of work made me freak out and nervous. I have to do a lot of thing in the same time such as took money and change, asked the qualification whether any active military or 62 or older to give them discount, moreover; to give them a direction where to park and kept separating the type of vehicles even handicap people! Talky-Walky is the most important thing that we used to communicate each other, even though someone needs to call you! That’s mean I should be awake in every minute!  your ears and your eyes must keep open and your conscious as well. The fun part working in the booth which is I have to catch up the last three digits and the state on the license plate as fast as I can to printed out as a ticket and I’m pretty sure now I know every state on the plate is looks like, what a skill!!(ha hah).

My work life been crazy and fun everything happened so fast even a time. Obviously, it’s like I’ve got improved my English skills within one week! Luckily because most of my co-worker they’re all American just only two Thais worked in this department. My everyday life in parking always have a weird thing happen! such as guest forgot where they parked the car even we just only have two short building, guest broke the gate guest expected that they can get in for free with the pass that it doesn’t apply or even guest who try to bombed Mt. Rushmore! At some point, I also felt down several times among a lot of people was trying to judged whether insulted cause I’m Asian but I’m continuously hard working and never given up.

Finally, I got promoted to be a leader! After one month and a half!!! This thing I called it “success”, plus my salary got bumped up as well! This time got me feel like I’m working in the real job that can helped me improved my reading, listening and writing skills! This time I had awesome boss that they’re saw my potential and gave me opportunities. I had Americans and Taiwanese as my best friend we always hang out driving and hiking, my day off always valuable since I know them. The last important thing is I can took full amount of money back to my dad! This time everything was going so well which I couldn’t ask for! All of this because of American Learning thank you for being a great agency that has a lot of care! Thank you P’Preaw(American Learning Staff) in that interview day you pushed me took this position! I can proudly say this could be my real once in a lifetime WAT in USA, but my friend and I preferred to call it “YOLO!”.

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Always working with Americans and foreigner friends and had a fun time, everyone need to have a walky-talky to communicate each other. Still awaking with these fun people!

Hiking is an always activity in South Dakota. It was a bounded of vary nationality!

– And we’re party like a family in the parking!  –